Momma Kay as she has become known is the driving force behind this site and all of the artwork created.  Although blind and unable to complete works by herself she is the sole designer for all crocheted works for sale here.  But due to her loss of vision she now works with me to design original fluid art pieces.  To see how we do this please visit our VIDEO AND TUTORIAL page to follow one of her creations.

Momma Kay is 96 years young!  Although blind she has all her wits about her (most of the time LOL)  She is not only my mother but my best friend.    She currently resides with me and her service dog Frankie.   

You MIGHT get a chance to hear her views on the status of the world today and her thoughts about where our country is going if you surf UTUBE and I can get her to post them!

Momma Kay is the mother of 3 girls now well into their 60's and beyond.  She enjoys time with her grandchildren and their families.   

She proudly announces she has 5 beautiful and bright great grandchildren who are just beginning to venture off to college the oldest of which was accepted to a medical school program in bio-engineering of some kind!

She hopes you will enjoy her creations and looks forward to having them find new homes so she can continue to create new works.


Jana L Smith is an artist from Lehigh Acres Florida that has spent most of her life working in the medical and mental health field until returning home to Florida with her mother to be close to family.   Although an artist for many years she put it on the "back burner" while working in her field.   Though she never gave it up, it was not her full time job and she allowed it to take a back seat to her other passion, that of helping others.
Today, after leaving her field, she has returned to her first love,  Art.   Since her mother needs full time care and supervision making it impossible to go to work full time.   They have combined her need for care with their love of art and creativity to create Artiffects.   With her Mothers encouragement to branch out into this new "career" Jana started Artiffects. 
They discovered it was a way for Jana to help her Mother and for both of them to continue to be creative and in turn, allow her Mother to enjoy exploring a new world, the world of Fluid Art.    All works created or guided by Momma Kay will be listed on her page, Momma Kay's Korner.   Any purchases from this site will go to her.   
Thank you for visiting our page.